Additional Subsidies

Subsidies for Classes and Lessons


Students may be eligible for an additional subsidies for group classes and private lessons, or two group classes, dependent on:

The granting of subsidies is determined by the Board of Directors. 

Springboard to Music programming is already offered at below-market rates, so please note that subsidies cannot be guaranteed.

Additional Subsidy Rates

Subsidies are offered in part or in whole by the Board of Directors, but typically do not exceed a 75% discount from the original cost.

Most subsidies may offer a 25% to 50% discount from the original cost of a lesson, but again cannot be guaranteed.

When to submit

To be considered for subsidy a copy of the most recent tax return that shows family income should be submitted to the Program Director at Subsidy requests will be reviewed throughout the season but may take up to 8 weeks before a decision will be made and subsidized rates apply. Each family should resubmit their last year’s tax return before September 15 to be re-considered for subsidy.