About Us

Derek Gray gives a drum workshop outdoors on Ravine Day.
Derek Gray leads an audience in an exercise at an event.

Our Story

Springboard to Music provides an affordable, enriched and engaging experience in music education within a welcoming environment. Prior to COVID-19, Springboard to Music routinely welcomed more than 90 students every week. As of September 2023, we welcome just over 50 students each week and are building our program's capacity to accommodate a wider variety of instruction than we've ever offered before.

Founded in 2008 and incorporated as a charity in 2016, Springboard to Music is a community music program for children and youth, aged 5-17, living in and around the Kingston-Galloway and Scarborough Village neighbourhoods in Toronto. Prior to being incorporated as a charity in 2016, Springboard to Music operated under the name Scarborough Bluffs Music.

Private lessons and group classes are taught by qualified, professional musicians with years of experience. Springboard to Music operates on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 4pm to 8pm, and currently offers private lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and drums.

Our Mission 

Springboard to Music believes that early music education helps to promote a happy, healthy lifestyle that opens doors to a variety of skills and interests later in life. Our hope is that by offering engaging, low-cost, local lessons taught by respected musicians from our community, we can create a spark in the minds of students that can last a lifetime. All students should have the opportunity to experience the joy of learning music.

Leadership and Teaching Staff

Program Director

Dermot O'Halloran


Peter Albis (Guitar)
Evan Buckland (Guitar)
Phyllis Coulter (Piano)
Derek Gray (Percussion)
Joseph Hsieh (Keyboard)
Cathy Lambert (Piano)
Gordon Brown (Piano & Voice)
Ben Stein (Piano)
Dianne Ball (Voice)

Board of Directors and Volunteers

Board of Directors

Phyllis Coulter
Bruce Galbraith
Bob McKitrick
David Ellis

Jean Patton
Joseph Jiang

Annual Reports

Springboard to Music is a registered charity and nonprofit organization, and is therefore required to provide annual reports.

The STM website is currently being rebuilt, this page will be updated as soon as possible with our most current reports.